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The Burke County Public School system is dedicated to the community and students of Burke County. Burke County schools offer over 13,000 students a chance to succeed.

There are approximately 13,500 students in Burke County as of 2010 enrollment. Burke County has one primary school, sixteen elementary schools, five middle schools, four comprehensive high schools, one special needs school, two academies, and one Middle College.

Burke County Public School Mission Statement
"The mission of Burke County Schools is to educate diverse learners, nurture their potential, and empower them to be competitive, successful, and productive citizens."

Burke County Vision Statement
"Burke County Public Schools, a world-class model of exemplary education, inspires students to be life-long learners who can compete successfully on the global stage while contributing to their community as productive citizens."

Burke County Schools Demonstrate High Gains in 2009-2010
The 2009-2010 school year proved to be one of substantial academic growth for Burke County schools.  One school was designated an Honor School of Excellence, eighteen schools were designated School of Distinction, and seven schools were classified School of Progress. 

"These improvements in student achievement are a testament to the Burke County teachers, other staff, parents, and students."
                       - Superintendent Art Stellar

Please click here for more information on ABC Status and  Adequate Yearly Progress (for AYP results, select the school in which you are interested, then click on "School Snapshot).

Table Rock Middle School

Through innovative teaching strategies and collaborative support, students at Table Rock Middle School have proven to be successful in their academics.  Table Rock Middle School achieved Adequate Yearly Progress for the 2009-2010 school year.  To view Table Rock's Adequate Yearly Progress, click here.  In 2010, Table Rock was designated a School of Distinction by the NC Department of Education.  This designation was based on the percentage of students performing at or above grade level and on student expected growth.

Not only are students at Table Rock growing academically, but they are developing life skills through character education.  Students at Table Rock build character through community involvement opportunities such as:
  • Hat Pass:  Periodically, Table Rock has a Hat Pass day to benefit someone in need within the school.  For example, there was a student who lsot his house due to a fire, so they "passed the hat" to raise money for him.
  • Boo Bash and Bunny Bash:  Both of these events are hosted by the student council and are opportunities for the community to come into the school and retrieve treats from students and teachers.  Table Rock welcomes the opportunities to bring students and their communities together because this helps young adolescents build a strong, supportive environment in which to grow and develop.  

Map of Table Rock Middle School and Several Surrounding Schools 
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