Table Rock Middle School

Burke County Political History

Burke County Courthouse

The political history of Burke County is rich in spirit.  The Courthouse in the photograph was home to the North Carolina Supreme Court from 1847 until 1861. Burke was home to many important things such as being number one in the gold mining industry in 1825, the Overmountain Victory Trail, and the beginning of several special educational centers all built on "Stevelies" 2000 acres.  If  you would like to see some of the old historical places that helped to shape Burke county, the Burke Heritage Photos are priceless for a reflection of the past.

Burke County is historically a "red county," meaning that it tends to vote conservatively when it comes to politics.  In the 2004 Presidential election, 61% of the total vote went to George W. Bush (R).  In the 2008 Presidential election, 63% of the vote went to John McCain (R).  In the 2010 election, 60% of Burke County residents voted for Richard Burr for Senate (R), and 71% voted for Patrick McHenry (R).  To view the election results for all of Burke County's district (House District 10) or North Carolina, please visit ABC News.  Burke County's conservative nature may be closely tied with its religious affiliations.  For more information on religion in Burke County, visit here

History and political issues will always play an important part in our lives.  The students at Table Rock Middle School are finding this out as they researched and wrote about Paul Revere recently.  Their hard work paid off in a win for the Seventh Grade when classmate, Emily, won the DAR American History Essay Contest!  Congratulations!

Western Piedmont Council of Governments


The Western Piedmont Council of Governments is a regional planning organization serving 28 local governments in a four-county area of western North Carolina.  The WPCOG serves Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba Counties and the 24 municipalities within these counties.  This organization handles issues in regard to positive environmental changes, bond and/or grant money, and housing codes.
Since 1968, WPCOG has provided planning services, project administration and technical assistance to its member governments and the region as a whole.

WPCOG is governed by a Policy Board, consisting of one elected official from each of the 28 local governments and seven at-large citizen members.  Its professional staff of 50 persons is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina.

Burke County Board of Education

The Burke County Board of Education is ran by elected locals.  The official website is full of information from upcoming events to contact information for each board member.  It is also a nice resource to use for viewing meeting minutes, policies, and current issues.  You will also find a tab for schools; therefore, from this site one has easy access to each individual school site.  Take a look at the Burke County Board of Education and see just how helpful it is to parents, educators, and Burke county.

Senator Sam J. Ervin

Senator Sam

Senator Sam J. Ervin achieved enduring fame in 20th century American politics as the brilliant and quotable Chairman of the Watergate Investigation Committee in the 1970s. The late senator was a formidable figure in constitutional law, renowned for his debating skills. A special library on the campus of Western Piedmont Community College in Morganton houses his collection of books, papers, and personal memorabilia.

A bronze statue of “Senator Sam” was positioned in front of the Old Courthouse in Morganton during the Spring of 2007.  It was placed there by The Morganton Public Art Committee and the Historic Burke Foundation. Alex Hallmark, the sculptor, also created the busts for the World War II Memorial located on the grounds of the Burke County Courthouse.

Burke County Sheriff's Department

The Burke County Sheriff's Office is in place to serve the community.  The official website of  Burke County Sheriff's office provides numerous resources of help that include SAVAN, MADD, Family Watchdog, and other Burke county links.

Sheriff McDevitt first served as sheriff in 1998.  He was thought of as highly qualified and dedicated to his community back then and people still think of him that way today. He truly cares for the people of Burke County.  "Many times he comes into work dressed in his suit to attend the funeral of loved ones in Burke County. Is it a requirement for his position? No, it is not." This was a statement made by Mr. Hennessee's who has worked closely with Sheriff McDevitt.  The sheriff will be remaining in his office as he was re-elected by Burke county this month.

Burke County Sheriff's Office has five locations:

1)300 S. Center St.
Hildebran, NC 28637
(828)-397-4600 or (828) 397-4655

2) 910 Malcolm Blvd.
Rutherford College, NC 28671
(828)-874-3400 or (828) 874-3410

3) 1030 US Hwy 70
Connelly Springs, NC 28612
(828) 879-2326 3222

4) NC Highway 126
Morganton, NC 28655
(828) 584-0840

5) 8224 Buckeye Hollow Rd.
Jonas Ridge, NC 28641
(828) 733-1596

Student Council at Table Rock Middle School

The Student Council is really a student-ran organization which is overseen by some highly-qualified educators.  The students do many important things for the school and community.  They do two big community events each year: "Boo Bash" and "Bunny Bash."  Both of these events are held at the school and provide a safe place for community children to have fun and get some treats.  The real agenda, though, is a food drive.  To enter these events, one must bring a can of food.  These food items are collected at the door and are then donated to a local Christian Ministry to help feed those children and families in need.  The students get a hands-on idea of what it feels like to contribute to the community where they live and go to school.  The STUDENTS do a great job during these events by decorating and bringing in candy.  Many of the teachers and staff give a great deal of their time to help make these events a success, and some of them contribute out of their own pockets as well.  The local  businesses also help by donating items such as hot dogs to these events. What a great team at Table Rock Middle School, and a great demonstration of how communities, students, and schools can work together to achieve common goals.