Table Rock Middle School

Decades of Fashion

Each decade has its own signature fashion statement.  Let's take a quick walk back in time before we look at the current Table Rock Middle students.  During the 50's they had poodle skirts, bobby socks, saddle oxfords, greasy hair, and ankle length jeans.  In the 60's they had mini-skirts and coiled-up hairdos.  Along came the 70's with such flare: do you remember those bell-bottoms and Afros?  The 80's just came and changed hair forever: the mohawks and side ponytails, over-teased bangs, stone-washed jeans, and scrunch socks.  Then the 90's  brings us the bowl-cut hairdo and wide-leg jeans.  At the turn of the century we see Uggs and low-rise jeans and now we have "Skinny" jeans.  Did you catch it that no matter what decade the staple item was "blue jeans"?

Student Fashion Trends and Fads

  • Now that we are up to 2010, we will depend on the students at Table Rock Middle School to give us a "fashion" lesson.  Listed are the items most often worn by these adolescents:     
  • Shirts - Team Logo types, Tie-Dyed, Hollister, Graphic Tees, Levi's, Aeropostle Hoodies, Cookie Monster Tees, Christian Tees, Sport Team Jersey, and Table Rock Tees.
  • Pants - Regular cut jeans, Skinny Jeans, shorts (in non-traditional weather), Jeans, Jeans, and some more Jeans.
  • Shoes - Adidas, Nike, Sketchers, New Balance, Black converse (low-cut), Adidas flip-flops with socks, and Anime custom-design shoes.
  • This data was gathered by conducting a survey of the Table Rock Middle School students in which the students also advised that 88% of them would purchase a clothing item they like, even if no one else had this item.  To view additional survey data please click here.

Student Hair Styles

The hair styles at Table Rock Middle School tend to be very similar for the girls.  The vast majority of girls in all three grades have long, straight hair. 

The boys have much more variety when it comes to hair styles.  Many have short or even buzzed haircuts, medium cut, and a few have longer hair.  The one hair trend that is unique to this generation is the Justin Bieber style.  If you are out of the loop and are not aware of this young adolescent sensation click here.

Student Shopping

The student survey indicated that Aeropostle is the favorite clothing store with Hollister, Wal-Mart, Rue 21, and American Eagle following closely behind.  The Aeropostale store has a large selection of hoodies, which is a favorite item worn by students.  The average price for an AERO Hoodie is around $20.  The Hollister brands are a bit more pricey; however, some of the students indicated they purchased these at second-hand stores and yard sales.  Both stores have jeans in wide ranges of prices along with the other stores listed above.  Jeans are very universal and name brands are not as important as they once were.

The students also indicated in the student survey what amount they were allowed to spend during a shopping trip, although 44% had no financial limit.  The second group (24%) indicated they were allowed to spend $25-$50, and the third (21%) was allowed $50 to $100 per trip.  Another 11% could spend no more than $25 in a single shopping spree.  Financial limits on clothing and accessories may be a result of the economic recession, which has hit Burke County especially hard (see Economy).

Student Accessories

There are a few accessories that one sees quite often in the classrooms and hallways at Table Rock Middle, but none so prevalent as the "Silly Bandz" shown in the photo.  It is safe to say that most of the students do wear "Silly Bandz" when allowed.  The students do wear other bracelets and message bands too.  The necklace is a much seen accessory; however, they are worn more by boys than girls.

A few of the items seen less often on the accessory list are head elastic, one black, elbow-length, fingerless glove, MJ jackets (glitter), and black clothing (Gothic).  The educators at Table Rock Middle understand the need for individual identity and for the need to be part of the school group; therefore, they allow the students freedom of expression as long as it meets local school and district guidelines.  In our observations the teachers seem well aware of developmental struggles that young adolescents have and ease this by allowing things like Silly Bandz.

As a whole, Table Rock Middle students are similar in dress, hair, and accessory items.  They have very few extremes of any type, aside from the Silly Bandz in all shades and shapes!  Although the personally of every student is different, personal appearances seem to reflect the idea that young adolescents, as a group, are more alike than different.