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The Value of Education

Burke County Schools
Education in Burke County is of utmost importance to the community, the economy, and the life of Burke County.

"There is a strong collaboration between the school system, the Burke County Chamber of Commerce, the eight municipalities which make up Burke County, and Western Piedmont Community College..... to provide a seamless education from pre-kindergarten through high school and beyond. There is a shared philosophy that 'strong education equals strong economy'."
              - Burke County Chamber of Commerce

Through community involvement and the collaboration of businesses, industries, and colleges, Burke County Schools work to ensure that quality education is available for every student.

Class Size Reduction Project
In the 1990's Burke County piloted a program to reduce class sizes. The program started by reducing the classroom sizes in 1st grade in effort to increase overall learning.  Funding from state, federal, and local agencies allowed student-to-teacher ratio to be decreased from 25:1 to 15:1. Over the course of a year Burke County saw a remarkably positive influence on student achievement. In the years following, Burke County schools expanded the program to reduce the class sizes of 1st through 3rd grades.

For more information on the reduced class size pilot program please visit the links below:
Center for Public Education
US Department of Education 

Community Foundation Scholarship
The Community Foundation of Burke County offers financial scholarships to individuals seeking college education. Scholarships ranging from $500 to $2,500 are available for students who qualify.

For a complete listing of scholarships offered through the Community Foundation please visit
Community Foundation Office
Burke Collegiate Scholars Program
In 1989, Western Piedmont Foundation initiated a program designed to financially assist potential first-generation college students. "Each year, the Foundation selects one Burke Collegiate Scholar and two runners-up in each of Burke County's sixteen elementary schools to participate in the program. The awards are made on the basis of academic potential, leadership skills and financial need."- WPCC

More information on this program is provided at